Auto Pen or AP Machines

AP PicAP or Auto Pen Services: Pioneer’s founder David Redmon has been credited in the industry for bringing the auto pen services to the direct mail industry. Starting first with introducing the unique auto pen machine capabilities to replace the thousands of handwriters that would personally handwrite solicitations for non profits and for profit organizations and now he has expanded the range of the machines to fulfill the handwritten needs of consumers all over the world.

Pioneer uses the third generation Signascript Universal plus machines that are unique to Pioneer and its production floor. Through this special arrangement with Signascript, Pioneer can perform jobs in a much more accurate and efficient manner than any other auto pen or direct mail company.

There is no match for the look and personalization of the AP Auto Pen product and more importantly we measure the success of our auto pen personalization compared to the less believable forms of laser and inkjet competitors. In simple terms our results are the best in the industry and unmatched by any competitor.