Mail Shop

Mail and Letter ShopPioneer Direct Marketing's Mail and Letter Shop is where we are unique to the industry. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and output that is represented by our unique model of insertion and distribution. Pioneer utilizes a network of thousands of independent contractors that work from their home to perform handwriting and insertion services for our select nonprofit and for profit customers. Our promise to you the customer is that we will never use an automated insertion machine to insert your donor related mail. Our auto inserters are reserved for traditional non match window driven mail.

The dedication to 100% accuracy on blind match mail is our primary goal and that is why we utilize an experienced network of individuals that are trained and experienced at handling your precious and valuable mailing records. Each person undergoes an extensive arrangement of tests to be able to qualify to perform this type of work for Pioneer and we stand behind our work.

Pioneer has at its disposal a full service mail and lettershop stocked with inket machines, both B/W and color laser digital presses, 6 and 8 pocket insertion machines, Postmatic stamping machines, and enough capacity to meet the needs of the most demanding auto pen customer.